Nail Psoriasis Treatment

nail psoriasis

Treating nail psoriasis twice per day can quickly and effectively improve both toenails and fingernails. Simply wet the affected toenails or fingernails, and glide the Psoriasis-Ltd III disk over the skin surrounding the toenail or fingernail as well as the entire nail psoriasis area itself. A small invisible amount of the Psoriasis-Ltd III ingredients will dissolve off onto the crevices around the fingernail and toe-nail and the ingredients will penetrate and migrate under the fingernail and or toenail also. Likewise, make an application of Psoriasis-Ltd III with the fingers wet while the fingers and toes are pointing upward so that Psoriasis-Ltd III can more easily penetrate under the nails.

What is Nail Psoriasis?

Nail psoriasis is a non-contagious psoriasis disorder of the fingernails and toenails or sometimes possibility of both. Nail psoriasis is common but difficult to treat as the area is difficult to reach. Many that have other types of psoriasis also have nail psoriasis.

Symptoms of Nail Psoriasis

Symptoms of nail psoriasis can be described best by a picture which is worth a thousand words.